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Eyala Yala - Discover the Healing Power in You


Eyala Yala mission is to help you increase your well-being, remain centered and reconnect to your own healing power.

Energy Therapies

Energy therapies are based on the Qi flow within the body. Their benefits allow you to maintain or increase your vital energy.

Soul Care

What if it was possible to talk with people who cannot express themselves? This is where the unconscious speaks to the heart.

Body-Mind Approach

During a session, what the subconscious wants to say is revealed through the body.

Specific Therapies

Respect, Care, Expertise

Shiatsu Therapy

Stress issues, muscle and joint pain, gynecological problems, digestive issues, chronic illnesses

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Body-Mind-Soul Healing through Energy Therapies


Acupressure points work as keys giving access to blockages, relieving symptoms and refueling the body`s energy flow


Get a deep relaxation, reduction of pain, recover from an operation, relief from side effects of drugs

Energy Rebalancing

Recapture the harmony between body, emotions and mind. Get rid of old schemes and unnecessary physical and emotional heritages. Make room for serenity

Soul Connection

Retrieving the words and pains buried in our unconscious, to identify and untie the old nodes that opens doors on the way to change

Communicating with a person unable to speak

Communicating with persons with disabilities, in a coma or end of life, to allow them to exchange with their relatives

Isabelle Saussez

A Passion, A Profession

Energy Therapist

My mission is to help everyone to increase well-being, to stay centered and to reconnect to its own healing powers.

My approach aims at helping each person finding the intuitive wisdom of the body and the heart when  facing physical or psychological pain, acquiring a few gestures and simple habits to maintain well-being, and taking over the responsibility of mind-body balance.


Isabelle Saussez

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Phone : +32/(0)470 01 69 66